Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Cheap Stay Delhi

This time of the year is just perfect for traveling. A number of people book their tickets and head for some holiday destination or the other when the weather becomes favorable. Spring is the time when most of the people like to travel and make the most out of the pleasant weather. If you are in India, you might consider a trip to destinations like Goa, Kerala, Rajasthan, or hill stations like Shimla, Manali, Nainital, Kullu etc. In case you are not from India, then you may prefer to travel to destinations like Australia, Thailand, Mauritius, West Indies, or some other exotic location. These are some of the destinations that come to our minds while thinking about holidays. But have you ever thought about visiting Delhi? Many amongst you might be surprised to read this as Delhi is seldom considered to be a holiday destination. This city is more regarded as a place visited by politicians and other dignitaries. But a huge chunk of the visitors that came to Delhi in the past few years have been leisure tourists and backpackers. And many of these tourists look for cheap stay Delhi  options. Taking cognizance of this increased demand of accommodation facilities, a number of hotels have cropped up lately.

Although many hotels have been set up in Delhi, and many are being planned, many hotels may leave a lot to be desired when you visit them. Many of them make tall promises and deliver nothing impressive. A cheap hotel in Delhi may help you money, but may also louse up your holidays by rendering shoddy facilities and poor services. Hotel Lohias, however is a class apart. This avant-garde hotel is known for its delightful facilities and services like, Fully furnished rooms that are airconditioned with attached bathroom, 24 hours hot and cold water, round the clock room service, Color television with all international channels, STD and ISD facilities, laundry service, valet parking, doctor on call, mini bar, safe deposits, car rental, airport pickup and drop facility, 100% power backup, Fax, email and Photostat. In case you have any plans to visit Delhi in the future, make no mistake, this hotel is properly equipped to take care of all your needs while you are here.

Hotel in Delhi

Lying on the banks of river Ganga is a piece of land that has been ruled by various emperors and dynasties and has become the capital of the country during various instances of its history. The city of Delhi has been ruled by the Tuglaqs, Sayyeds, Lodhis, and the British-each of them contributing something or the other to its culture. Delhi became the capital of Mughal Empire after they decided to shift their base from the erstwhile capital city- Agra. Although the British were based in Calcutta, they relocated to Delhi and made it their capital. Delhi is now the political capital of the republic of India. This is one of the reasons why the city gets a huge number of visitors every year. Apart from the political visitors, leisure travelers also form a huge bulk of people visiting the city. Just a decade ago, Delhi wasn’t seen as a tourist destination. It was largely visited by political and business people. Most of the tourists, who did come here, used Delhi more as a gateway to other destinations in the country, particularly those that are close to it. But Delhi tourism has been promoted in a way that has triggered new interest in the city as an exciting tourist destination. People who come here look for a hotel in Delhi that caters to their needs and fits their bill in terms of budget, there are many options.

More and more people are visiting to have a rendezvous with the country’s history, to see the monuments, enjoy the food, have a great shopping experience and familiarize with the culture. People love the ebullience and verve of Delhi’s culture. It is no longer a sleepy town; it is a high octane city that presents many options for the tourists to enjoy their stay to the hilt. Those who look for a cheap hotel in Delhi may find a number of them, but only Hotel Kailash Regency meets all the expectations of its guests. It provides the following services: - Well Furnished Rooms with attached bath running hot & cold water, 100 channel running cable or colour T.V, Direct dial telephone &fax, 24 hours room service, Travel desk & safe deposit, Clock Room, 24 hours taxi service, Same day-drycleaning service, 100% Power backup, Book air tickets, Kitchen Service 24 hours, Foreign Exchange Facility, Wake up call, Daily news paper, Train and Air ticket booking. With such a great range of facilities and services, one would hardly look for an alternative place!

Budget Hotel in Delhi

Of late we are seeing a renewed interest among people towards traveling. One of the reasons that could be attributed to this is busy lifestyle. People are so engrossed with their jobs and businesses that they hardly find time for themselves. Jobs have become quite monotonous and lives of professionals have gone somber. Taking some time off from this predictable life and finding time for some adventures or recreational activities. There’s nothing better than traveling. It allows you to break away from the dull and boring life and refresh one’s mind. The other possible reason why people have suddenly started spending money on traveling is simply because people have more money. Compared to the past, now the middle class can afford to spend its money on things like traveling. Youngsters, on the other hand like to travel just to show off and impress their peers. Whatever your reasons are, if you have decided to travel to Delhi, you might want to stay at a decent budget hotel in Delhi. There are many such hotels in the city and when you need to stay here without running out of budget, these are hotels that save your day.

People are increasingly opting in favor of budget hotels. The word cheap is being emphasized by many hotels to attract their guests. But a hotel cannot survive just on the basis of its reasonably rated services. The services and facilities have to be really good in order to be able to consistently attract people.  Location of the hotel also plays a pivotal role. Hotel Loh Mod is one hotel that boasts of both. It is one of the most reputed amongst hotels near Delhi airport. It offers a wide range of facilities like Air Conditioned rooms with television and satellite transmission, RO purified drinking water, Round the Clock Reception, 24 Hrs Room Service, Attached Private Bathroom, Refrigerator, Colour-TV with Satellite, Running hot/cold Water, Laundry, Doctor on Request, Conference / Seminar facilities, meeting rooms, Generator Back-up and travel Desk. Keep this hotel in mind while planning your visit to this city. 

Hotel near Delhi Airport

Inter alia, the proximity to either airport or railways station is a criterion common with most of the tourists while selecting a hotel. Many amongst us look for hotels that are near the airport for the sheer convenience of traveling. In the event of any urgent situation one can simply board a flight and travel without much hassle. People who have to travel frequently to different places cannot afford a place that is far from the airport. Most of the airports in the world would have a number of hotels in its vicinity. These hotels target areas near the airport in order to attract the huge number of potential guests that arrive at the airports. Delhi too, has innumerable hotels that are either in the areas adjoining the airport, or close to them. Mahipalpur is one such area. This place is known for being a hub of hotels. There are world class hotels that offer their guests all the luxury man can afford. The affluent travelers often head for these hotels in Mahipalpur or adjacent areas. But not every traveler can afford to stay at such hotels that charge preposterous amount of money in lieu of services offered. A hotel near Delhi airport that charges reasonably is the best bet for such travelers.

Mahipalpur, which is quite close to the airport, has abundance of hotels that offer cheap services. In fact that is one of the things you instantly notice when you reach here. All across the streets of Mahipalpur, you could find hotels offering budget stay Delhi, trying to attract the attention of the tourists. Many of them, although cheap, offer substandard or shoddy services. But a few of them actually surprise you with amazing services at low tariffs. One of the most distinguished names is that of Hotel Impress. It renders a wide variety of services at reasonable rates. Some of them are:- Car hire & Airport pickup/drop, Currency Exchange, Doctor on call, Panasonic EPABX with direct dial telephones, Reverse Osmosis processed water in wash rooms, Laundry done in same day, Hydronomatic Pressurized running hot & cold water, Business Centre facilities like photocopying, scanning, printing & fax, Tea/coffee maker in each room, Wi-Fi internet connectivity, Dell ware mini Bar in each room, Air conditioning by ‘Hitachi, and Sony LCD TV with satellite channels. Not many hotels would be able to offer such services at the rates that they charge. So, the next time you are here; you know where to stay, don’t you?

Monday, March 14, 2011

Delhi Hotels

Delhi has turned into an incredible tourist destination in the last few years. Delhi was traditionally considered to be a city largely visited by either politicians or businessmen. This stereotyped image has changed to a large extent, thanks to the efforts of the government. Delhi has become a heritage city that attracts thousands of tourists every year who are interested to learn about India’s glorious past. Delhi houses a number of ancient monuments that have been well preserved appreciably well. The city boasts of UNESCO world heritage sites like Qutab Minar, Humayun’s tomb and the Red fort. Apart from the forts and monuments that were constructed during the Mughal regime, structures that were built during the British rule are also popular with tourists. Among these buildings, the most notable are The President’s House or the Rashtrapati Bhawan, India gate and the Parliament House. To cater to the needs of growing number of tourists visiting this city, a number of hotels have mushroomed lately. On one hand, if there are Delhi hotels that serve the needs of rich and affluent, then there are hotels that target budget travelers.

Some of the biggest names in the global hospitality business have their presence in Delhi. But a major chunk of tourists that visit Delhi are travelers who may not be able to afford these hotels. Such people need not be disappointed as Delhi has a plethora of cheap hotels. One of such hotels that have earned an amazing reputation by providing value for money services is Hotel Chanchal. This budget hotel in Delhi has been able to delight hundreds of guests by providing world class services at affordable rates. Some of the services and facilities that are part of its long trial of attractions are: - 54 furnished rooms, Attached baths with running hot & cold water, Car Parking facility, Ultra Modern Lift, Direct Dial Phones, Colour Satellite TV in every room, 24 Hour room service, Money Exchange, Laundry service, Doctor on Call, Tours & Travel Counter, Fridge in AC rooms, Wall to Wall carpet, and Multi Cuisine restaurant. In case you wish to visit Delhi in the near future, make no mistake, this is the best hotel that you can find in its category.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Hotel in Delhi

If you have been wondering where should you spend your next holidays, how about spending them in a city that not only lets you have a wonderful time, but also helps you learn something? In case you have never been to Delhi, this is a great destination to spend your holidays. Delhi, offers you a wholesome package. You can shop till you drop, visit the discotheques, party hard, and learn about India’s interesting history- all on a single visit. While Delhi represents the New India that is cruising ahead with its development plans with the aspiration to become the most powerful economy in the world, it is still very much connected with its past. Delhi displays the quintessential blend of the ancient and the present. While traveling through the lanes of Delhi, you could see a number of ancient monuments as well as modern buildings complimenting each other in a unique way. This contrast is what makes Delhi special and stand out from the other cities. The monuments and other heritage sites provides you a dekko into the past, and the skyscrapers offer you a peek into what the future holds for this city and country. If you have planned to visit Delhi in the near future, make sure you know which hotel in Delhi matches your requirements.

Though there are innumerable hotels in the city, every hotel may not perfectly fit the bill for you. To make sure you stay at a place that meets all your expectations, learn a bit about Delhi hotels before you decide to pack your bags. The best way to learn about these hotels is by visiting their websites. From the services and tariff, you should be able to figure out which hotel caters your needs to some extent. Some of these websites may even have pictures of the interiors and exteriors, further helping you to make your choice. One of the most preferred budget hotels in this city is Hotel Chanchal. This hotel has become the first choice of thousands of tourists only due to the exquisite services and facilities it offers. Some of these amenities are:- : 54 furnished rooms, Attached baths with running hot & cold water, Car Parking facility, Ultra Modern Lift, Direct Dial Phones, Colour Satellite TV in every room, 24 Hour room service, Money Exchange, Laundry service, Doctor on Call, Tours & Travel Counter, Fridge in AC rooms, Wall to Wall carpet, and Multi Cuisine restaurant. With this hotel, you are sure to have a great time while you are in Delhi.

3 Star Hotel in Delhi

Hotels are ubiquitous in Delhi. As soon as you land here, whether you have travelled to Delhi by train or air, you would notice a number of hotels when you step into the city. There are numerous hotels near the Railway Station and the Airport that have designed their services and facilities specifically in order to attract the tourists. Many of them claim to offer great services at cheap rates. But is that the real picture? That is not quite the case. In reality, many of these so-called cheap hotels don’t justify the price they charge from their guests. There are many hotels in the city that lack even the most basic facilities that people expect from a hotel. To ensure that you don’t meet disappointment, go through the facilities and services offered by the trail of budget hotels located in the city. You could check out these details even before you have left your home, or packed your bags for the journey? How? All you need to do is search for such information over the internet. Internet is flooded with such information. If you are reading this, you are already on the right track. Check out the websites of these hotels and compare their prices and services to arrive at a decision to choose a 3 star hotel in Delhi. Only once you have checked out all the services, can you decide which hotel would be appropriate for you.

Since there are many hotels in the city, it is going to be quite taxing to go through the services of all the hotels in the city. However you could refine your search by using proper keywords that best describe the kind of hotel you are looking for. For instance some of you may be looking for five star hotels; some others may prefer to stay at a 3 star hotel. Whatever your requirement is, you are sure to find a hotel in Delhi that satisfies your needs. One of the hotels that offers budget accommodation without compromising on the quality of its services is Hotel Singhsons. Have a look at their services: - Air conditioned rooms, Wi - Fi Facility, Telephone facility, Colour Television with Star & Cable TV, Refrigerator, Laundry Service, Doctor on call, Travel Desk, Spacious Car Parking, Elevator facility, 24 Hours Generator Backup, Running Hot & Cold water. All this and more could be availed at stunningly affordable prices!

Budget Hotel in India

Have you ever traveled to India before? In case you have, you are sure to have been mesmerized by the diversity of this huge piece of land. India has a history that goes back to thousands of years, There is enough unimpeachable evidence to suggest that the human settlement in India goes back as long as the Stone Age. The stone carvings found in various caves spread out in different parts of the country, indicates the presence of human life and civilization in those primitive times. The first known civilization however is the Indus Valley civilization, known as one of the oldest civilizations of the world. Archeological excavations suggest the presence of well planned cities and villages in those times giving us an insight into the life of those who lived in those times. It is clear from the findings that Indian culture was light years ahead of some of the other cultures in the world during that period. India has influenced and shaped the cultures of many countries in Asia and many other parts of the world. It has been the land of origin for many religions including Hinduism and Buddhism. It has always been an interesting land for tourists and gets a huge influx of visitors every year. If you’re intrigued, but a limited budget is what is worrying you, you could easily find a budget hotel in India.

India is not only diverse in terms of its culture-with 28 states each having its own distinct culture-but also in terms of geography. There are a number of incredible tourist destinations in India. There are snow capped mountains in the North, Vast desert in the West, misty green mountains in the East, and beautiful beaches in the south. A jaunt to India could never be considered to be complete without a visit to Delhi. For those visiting Delhi, there is no dearth of hotels. There are many cheap hotels in Delhi. One of the most renowned hotels is Hotel Singhsons. It offers a myriad of facilities like, Air conditioned rooms, Wi - Fi Facility, Telephone facility, Colour Television with Star & Cable TV, Refrigerator, Laundry Service, Doctor on call, Travel Desk, Spacious Car Parking, Elevator facility, 24 Hours Generator Backup, Running Hot & Cold water. So the next time you are here, you know where to stay, don’t you?

Cheap Hotel in Delhi

Delhi is the capital of one of the leading economies of the world. India is not only one of the largest countries in terms of its geographical span it is also one amongst the fastest growing economies. India is also poised to become the top economy-perhaps a superpower in a few decades. The impact of these changes, growth and development could be easily felt in Delhi. From being a quiet, sleepy, not-so-happening city, Delhi has transmogrified into a world class, ultra modern city. The infrastructure of this city has improved appreciably in the last few years, making it the most modern city in India. The roads have become wider, the medical facilities have become better, huge shopping malls and buildings have come up and the transport system has become more efficient. All the buses that are plying on the road are low floor, high capacity buses, some of them air-conditioned to provide relief from the excruciating heat of Indian summer. The Metro train network has further improved the transport facilities. It also has adequate accommodation facilities to cater to the needs of all the tourists that visit Delhi every year. If you are finding yourself in tough spot as far as managing your travel budget is concerned, you could book rooms in a cheap hotel in Delhi.

There are numerous hotels in Delhi that offer cheap or affordable accommodation. Some of them may offer real value-for-money services, and some may terribly disappoint you. To make sure that you stay at a decent hotel, search for such hotels on the internet and learn about the services being offered by all those hotels. Compare their facilities and prices before booking your rooms. One of the leading hotels in the budget hotel Delhi category is Karat 87 hotel. This hotel offers a wide assortment of services like, Rooms divided into Deluxe, Super Deluxe, Standard, and Karat Royal, Restaurant, Meeting/ conference room, Transport, Airport pickup, Amenities like LCD Television with cable TV in every room, Telephone facility-STD/ISD/LOCAL, Wi-Fi connection for internet connectivity, Hair drier in every room, 100% Power backup, Refrigerators with mini bar, Doctor on call, Tours and Travel facility, a huge parking area, Elevator facility, Laundry service, Fax facility, Locker facility and more. So the next time you decide you want to be in Delhi, pick up your phone and call on this hotel’s number!

Budget hotel Delhi

Delhi is one of those cities that never fail to amaze its visitors. There are many different aspects of this city that attracts its tourists. Delhi is a heritage city that has been able to beautifully preserve its past in the form of ancient monuments and structures. The past finds its reflection in the culture too-particularly the food, which is a fine blend of Mughal and Punjabi influences. In contrast to this is the other face of this city-modern and progressive. This is an ambitious city that is in pursuit of becoming a world class city. An appreciable amount of developmental work-to improve its infrastructure- has been carried out lately, particularly in connection with the recently held Commonwealth games. This is one of the reasons why Delhi gets a huge influx of international tourists. Delhi offers them all the conveniences, and gives them an opportunity to learn about India’s history. Delhi also has a number of good hotels offering world class facilities to its guests. These hotels cater to every budget. Those who don’t mind spending or splurging for added luxury can always stay at expensive hotels, for others, there are budget hotels. In case you are looking for a budget hotel Delhi, make sure you check out all their facilities, before booking your rooms.

One of the smartest and often effective marketing strategies that most hotels adopt is the use of the word-Cheap. Those who don’t want to fork out on an expensive hotel are often attracted by these campaigns. Many of these hotels may offer you appallingly poor services forcing you to regret the decision to stay with them. However, a few of these hotels may actually manage to surprise you by rendering their amazing services at affordable rates. Karat 87 Hotel is one of such hotels. This hotel in Delhi offers services like, Rooms divided into Deluxe, Super Deluxe, Standard, and Karat Royal, Restaurant, Meeting/ conference room, Transport, Airport pickup, Amenities like LCD Television with cable TV in every room, Telephone facility-STD/ISD/LOCAL, Wi-Fi connection for internet connectivity, Hair drier in every room, 100% Power backup, Refrigerators with mini bar, Doctor on call, Tours and Travel facility, a huge parking area, Elevator facility, Laundry service, Fax facility, Locker facility, etc. Stay at this hotel if you dream about an unforgettable stay!

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